Vale of Glamorgan Junior Football 2/4

U16’s Premiership

Dinas Powys 2-1 Cardiff Airport

Penarth Town Wolves vs Cowbridge Town

Inter Penarth 0-5 Sully Sports

Cogan Coronation 4-0 Penarth Town Raiders

Peterston Super Ely 0-5 Island Marine

U15’s Championship

Dinas Powys 7-2 Cowbridge Blacks

Island Marine 1-2 Penarth Town

U15’s Championship CUP

Cogan Vipers 0-8 Barry Town Utd

U14’s Premiership

FC Barry 3-3 Cogan Hurricanes

Cowbridge Reds 4-0 Cowbridge Blacks

U14’s Championship

Dinas Powys Utd 5-0 Sully Sports Blue

U13’s Premiership

Cowbridge Blacks 3-1 Barry Town Utd

Real Sully 2-5 Island Marine Yellows

Sully Sports All Blacks 0-8 Cogan Blues

U13’s Championship

Island Marine Blues 4-1 AFC Rhoose

U13’s Championship CUP

Cowbridge Bulls 0-6 Llantwit Major AFC

Inter Penarth 6-0 Cowbridge Reds

U12’s Premiership

Cogan Dragons 1-4 Sully Sports Oceans

Cowbridge Blacks 1-14 Barry Athletic

U12’s Championship

Dinas Powys Rangers 1-3 Llantwit Major AFC Lions

Park Lions Black 6-6 Fonmon Castle

Cogan Pirates 7-0 Holton Road Reds

U12’s Division One

Llantwit Major AFC Legends 0-1 Island Marine

Sully Sports Tornadoes 5-0 Cogan Ravens

Inter Penarth 12-1 Park Lions Whites

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