You may be aware that we are already getting requests from clubs to arrange pre-season friendly matches. The latest FAW protocols released earlier this week advised that permissions for friendlies should be given by the relevant Leagues and that clubs should only play teams within their own locality.

To remind everyone, friendly matches are only permitted from the following dates

28 September – under 6 to under-11 under mini-football rules only

12 October – under-12 to under-16

19 October – all other groups

These dates are subject to change depending upon the current situation with COVID, lockdowns etc and that the clubs are fully compliant with FAW protocols.

Accordingly, we will adopt the following policy with requests for friendlies.

Requests received will be reviewed to ensure both the requesting club and their opponents are correctly affiliated and then referred to the League for approval. If either the requesting club or their opponents are not correctly affiliated then the request will be refused and the requesting club advised accordingly. It is suggested that Leagues use the following wording when granting approval.

Your request is approved subject to your club and your opponents complying with the FAW protocols for playing under COVID. It is also subject to there being no new restrictions being imposed either as a result of Welsh or UK Government, Local Authority or FA of Wales instructions.

If anyone has any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mark Adams
Hon General Secretary
South Wales Football Association

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